Supreme Laziness

The Celestics


Before Kaytranada there was Kaytradamus. Before Kaytradamus there was The Celestics. Louis-Philippe Celestin and Kevin Celestin. Coming from a large Haitian family packed into a medium sized house on the outskirts of Montreal…The Celestics have always shared close quarters. They have also shared a passion for art and music from a young age. By having a father who was an art and music enthusiast, there has always been a turntable, and large vinyl collection stacked nearby. Armed with a microphone, and a bootleg copy of FL Studio, The Celestics have had a large reception and support of their first two singles, “Charles Barkley” & “Kill” which can be found collecting hundred’s of thousands of plays online. After a year of Kaytranada touring and spreading his own fan base world-wide, he went back in the studio with his brother Louis-Philippe and recorded their debut project. Inspired by their nocturnal stay at home lifestyle, "Supreme Laziness" is set to put Montreal’s rising hip-hop duo on the map.

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  1. Anthem

  2. Old News

  3. Charles Barkley

  4. Arriba

  5. Dudley Talkin Shit

  6. Lazy Supremacy

  7. Kill

  8. Funeral (feat. Goldlink)

  9. Indian JIbberish

  10. Fuckit (feat. Dudley Doo & Nane)

  11. Improved Fluxo (feat. Costa Joe)

  12. The One (feat. ST)

  13. The Man

  14. Dudley Talkin Shit 2

  15. Uptempo

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